I wish to know if is there any option or possibility to take a gun from the floor and it has the automatic mode turned on always.

When you take a gun or weapon, you must push the B to switch between single, auto, etc., and it happens with all of them, the default value is single.

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Last I played, there is no option that changes the default fire mode of a weapon when you pick it up off the ground.

I believe that if you pick up a weapon from dead persons loot box or a weapon that someone dropped, it will be in whatever fire mode that they were using it in last before they died/dropped the weapon. These are the only exception to this. You will have to simply remember to switch the fire mode upon picking a weapon up.


With the Update #25 Patch, there is now a game option to set the default weapon fire mode of guns. Reading the patch notes for the update:

Added an option to set default firing mode for weapons

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