Reading on how the political right views sexuality in games, I came across this article

This statement caught my interest. It's about complaints for the recent E3 trailer of "The Last of Us 2"

It wasn’t that people had an issue with lesbians – heck, some of our most popular content involves lesbians – it was that the kiss had no context; the character Ellie was kissing was presented without context; and the violence on display that followed had nothing whatsoever to do with the kiss we witnessed moments earlier. There was some very obvious contextual dissonance between the kiss and the gameplay that followed, and anyone who brings this up are shouted down as “homophobic”.

They then go on to say that most trailers at E3 don't have kissing, but I think this is a red herring.

I'm wondering if this complaint has any merit i.e. that there aren't any game trailers with a similar structure, but with straight couples instead?

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