When ever I would try to tame it for hours and hours waiting my time the ocelot would never ever turn into a cat.So I kept trying to do it by looking it up on the internet but it still did not work.😞😔😢

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    Welcome to Arqade! Could you provide a bit more information? Things like phone, minecraft version and what you have tried – Jayden Jan 10 at 3:04
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    Are you using raw fish, what version of bedrock are you using? – Jayden Jan 10 at 3:53
  • Related, possible dupe – Ben Jan 10 at 4:14

Ocelots can no longer be tamed

In bedrock version 1.8+, and java edition 1.14+, ocelots are no longer tamable. You will need to find stray cats, which spawn near villages, to tame them as a pet.

Excerpt from the minecraft wiki page,

  • Ocelots
    • Can no longer be tamed.
    • The player can still feed them to gain their trust.
    • Ocelots can now be fed pufferfish and tropical fish items.


  • Stray cats
    • Spawn in villages.
    • Can be tamed using fish.
    • Bring gifts to the player.
    • Have dyeable collars, like dogs.

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