I was perusing some of the Runescape forums and I noticed a player profile with this mask I have never seen before. Can someone tell me what it is? Doing a google image search for it revealed nothing and searching "runescape mask with many eyes" also did not return any good results.

What mask is this?

Strange mask


That is the shinigami orokami mask.

The shinigami orokami mask is an orokami mask that can be obtained from a murderous orokami as a rare loot from either free-hand catching it or looting a murderous orokami jar.

shinigami orokami mask

  • Thanks! Thing is creepy as hell lol, Im surprised a google search brought up nothing but, glad someone knew what it was :) – Kyle Rone Jan 11 at 2:44
  • @KyleRone Of course! It’s very creepy indeed – Wondercricket Jan 11 at 2:45

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