I'm done with Alm's set of enemies in chapter 3, and upon entering the Forest Village, there were the usual NPCs, and then there was one who had text I couldn't read (emulator translation issues :p) I soon found out that she was asking for an item, so I gave her a Leather Shield. She left immediately after, and I didn't see her in the village again, even after leaving and coming back, and the Wiki didn't say anything about her either. did this have to do with this question in the way that I could transfer items between parties? And if so, is there another NPC who will transfer party members later on?

PS: I went to the village on Celica's route, and i saw the girl again.she asked me for an item (i think), and i gave her another Leather Shield. however, i still have one on the same character. is this the answer to how to transfer items? if so, how do you transfer party members?

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apparently, that NPC was a person who would trade items between Alm and Celica's parties, but he/she would only do it so many times. that was your only way to trade items in normal mode, and there is another sometime after chapter 3.

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