My question is about the game-boy game, Pokemon Yellow (1998). When I was a child, I played through to the St. Anne. The St. Anne is a boat/cruise liner. After exploring the boat, I stepped out on land. The player controls were then temporarily disabled as the cruise ship sailed away. When I got off the St. Anne, I was in the same city I first reached the boat from. That is, I did not ride the boat to a new destination. This is not the end of the game. The map showed unexplored cities. However, I went back to every town and city, and painstakingly explored everywhere for days. I could not find anywhere that I had not been before. I restarted the game, and played all the way through to the St. Anne again. The same thing happened: boat took of without me. At that point, I spent all of the in-game money on Pokemon (such as porygon) and skills. I kept trying to teach my Pokemon a skill that would let me cross water, fly, or do something fancy of that nature. The final gym was reachable and a could get past the first few challenges, but no more than that After a couple of weeks of wandering around aimlessly, I simply gave up playing the game.

To this day, I still want to know what happened.

I avoid simply playing through the game again, or watching a "let's play" video for a reason: the repetitive game aspects annoy me. Getting attacked by a wild Pokemon after walking through the tall grass for the hundredth time is not my idea of fun. What was fun, were two things:

  • The story. I liked reading the dialogue involving the various characters. It was often quite funny/humorous.
  • The tricky puzzles. For example, I remember that to get past cubone or morwack in the Halloween-themed town you have to find a special item. I'm not sure if it was a flute or the "Silph Scope," but it was something. Also the hard to see sneaky side corridors were great. So were the places you cannot go until you teach one of your Pokemon a special skill.

Are there any let's play videos where the game-player edits, or fast forwards, over the boring bits? I consider an example of something "boring" to be getting attacked by wild Pokemon in the weeds. Spending 5 minutes to walk back to where you have been before, etc... is also rather obnoxious.

Alternatively, are there any mods of the game, where: - Your Pokemon have infinite health - You never randomly get delayed by wild Pokemon while walking through weeds - You can run fast, so that getting from point A to point B doesn't take quite so long.

As another alternative, are there any text write ups (with some still image screen captures) of the main puzzles, story-line, etc...?

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