I've noticed that whenever a Radscorpion gets into my vault it takes about 3-4 rooms of armed dwellers to take the blasted thing down with anywhere from 7-10 damage for each armed dweller, yet in my radaway room which has as little as 4 max intelligence and luck dwellers with 7 or below weaponry and being relatively low leveled, they eliminate the radscorpion in as little as 1-2 seconds.... has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • what weapons and armour does everyone have? – treyBake Jan 14 at 15:47
  • also I think as the game goes on, the enemies adapt to levels, so if monster X spawned in a room with low-levs then it's adjusted to them whereas if it spawned in a room of high-level dwellers, it adjusts to them – treyBake Jan 14 at 15:47

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