In Super Mario World, Yoshis had abilities depending on their color and Koopa Shells. If a blue Yoshi licks up a Koopa Shell, it could temporarily grow wings until it is swallowed or spit out. If a red Yoshi licks up a Koopa Shell, it could spit it back out as a trio of fireballs.

How many different colored Yoshis are there?


According to the wiki, there are four colors of Yoshi:

  • Red, which spits fireballs when spitting out a Koopa shell,
  • Blue, which will grow wings to fly when holding a Koopa shell in its mouth,
  • Yellow, which will pound the ground (creating "sand clouds") while holding a Koopa shell in its mouth
  • Classic Green, which will do all of the above, depending on the color of Koopa shell it eats.
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    beat me to it! :)
    – treyBake
    Jan 15 '19 at 15:52
  • Perhaps worth noting that the different colored Yoshi's get the ability that matches both their color and the color of the shell. Ie. if a red Yoshi eats a blue shell, it will be able to fly for a while until it spits out the shell, which if it does will be spit out as fireballs.
    – xzilla
    Aug 9 '19 at 20:57

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