Hello on this picture you see my weird graphic issue (Watch near door). I hope someone know how to fix this :)

What i tried to fix this issue:

  • Reinstall Minecraft
  • Checked if issue only exist in MP (Have this issue in SP too)
  • Used Vannila client AND Optifine client (OptiFine 1.13.2 HD UE5 and OptiFine 1.13.2 HD U E4)
  • Checked if java is up to date (java is up to date)

enter image description here GTX 1060 with driver version 417.71

  • Do you mean the thin borders that appear near the crops? – 54D Jan 20 '19 at 14:13
  • yes this small thin borders – Teks Jan 20 '19 at 16:29

This seems to be a really bad case of MC-1794. Some graphics cards are affected, some aren't.

One comment on that report suggests turning off the "mipmapping" options in the video settings as a workaround. I haven't tried this myself.

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