To Masterwork a weapon after the Forsaken update, you need to progress it's masterworked stat through 10 ranks, with different and presumably increasing prices for each level.

I know the first level costs, glimmer, the second glimmer and legendary shards, with the third costing a masterwork core.

What are all ten levels of masterwork progression? Are the materials needed for each level the same for each weapon? I would like to know how many masterwork cores it takes to complete all ten levels.

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To fully masterwork a legendary item it will cost you: 10,000 Glimmer, 27 Legendary shards, and 17 Masterwork Cores

There is a thread on reddit, from months ago when masterwork was last changed, and that user fully broke it down here.

enter image description here

Note that these values could change whenever bungie wishes to adjust or rebalance the game.

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    Note that weapons/armor with masterworks can randomly and more rarely appear at higher levels, not only level 1. Commented Jan 22, 2019 at 1:11
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    So if you're buying Masterwork Cores from Spider in the same week, you'll need 2,621,420 Legendary Shards :o
    – Neon1024
    Commented Jan 23, 2019 at 12:56

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