I have looked on the FAQ and saw about the "status" command, it is very unclear. I spent an hour trying to find this out and this is my last resort. Has anyone got a clue to kick coloured / special names in Xonotic.


First you need to execute status or status 1 command. You can do this on client or on server (in that case you will be able to see client IPs). Result will have no column with numbers prefixed with #.

Then you can use this number in different commands, like: vcall kick #2, rcon kickban #2, rcon kick # 2 instead of player's nick. Actually this number could be used almost in any command instead of nick. There is only one exception: kick command. Most commands that accept this number implemented in QuakeC and accept in this format — #id, but kick command is implemented in C and part of engine code and it accepts id in this format — # id (note space betwee # and players id number).

For example, you can send private message to player using tell <nick> or tell #id. Also, this id have special meaning for game's engine and can be used with debugging commands like prvm_edictget, but in that case it should be written without #. For example to get players location: rcon prvm_edictget server 1 origin. In that case it's written

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