After having played Fortnite Battle Royale for a while, I have heard the term "thirsting" come up numerous times. It's typically used when playing in squads, where the act of "thirsting" is killing a downed enemy player while one or more of their teammates are still alive.

From my experience, the connotation of "thirsting" seems to be more negative than positive. That said, I feel as if I've heard the term somewhere when playing PUBG before, and it seems to be a term I've only heard recently with the genre trend of battle royale.

Where did this term originally originate from?

  • Are you asking why the word "thirsting" is used, or who coined it in context of killing a downed enemy player while other enemies still live? – Flater Jan 29 at 11:56
  • 2
    I would guess that it's called thirsting because of a short sighted desire to kill an enemy instead of tactically waiting to ambush teammates that might attempt to rescue that downed player (hence the negative association). Though I don't know where it originated. Thirst or being thirsty seems to have taken on a new colloquial meaning recently for being too eager or desperate. – JonM Jan 29 at 13:39

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