Is there anyway to view Modern Warfare 3 stats (such as KD, level, etc) online (via a browser, not using the in game options)? I'm particularly interested in something for Xbox 360.

  • I don't have an answer, but I remember huge talks about a premium subscription mode for CoD, and this is the most basic of features I'd expect if I paid a subscription. (not that I would). – Malabarba Nov 9 '11 at 2:41

From the Call of Duty Elite page, on which you can sign up for free and get the following:


    Track thousands of gameplay stats, personal bests, & trends across Call of Duty® Black Ops, MW3 & all future enabled Call of Duty® games.

    • Career Stats
    • Recent Match Summaries
    • Performance Tracking
    • Create Custom Leaderboards
    • Showcase Trophies & Winnings
    • Spec Ops Stats
    • Private Match Data
    • News Feed
    • Notifications / Activity
    • Facebook Friend Import

You can find videos and screenshots of the Call of Duty Elite service. For example, a screenshot from the beta provides the data you're looking for:

Call of Duty Elite feature screenshot


The only way I've found is to compare with another player. Search for a player by name, then on the top right, click Compare.

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