I have recently built a Wither Boss containment room made from obsidian. Have spawned in the Wither a few times and killed him with iron golems. So far not a single obsidian block has been broken by the Wither. Is this a change in the game or a glitch?

  • Depends on alot of conditions. There are ways to prevent him from firing blue skulls at all. Jan 30, 2019 at 20:13

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There are a few possible causes:

  • The black wither skulls can only destroy blocks with a blast resistance of 20 or less (source). Obsidian has a blast resistance of 6000. Blue skulls can destroy any block except for bedrock and command blocks. It's possible that no blue skulls ever hit the obsidian.
  • As mentioned here, if the gamerule mobGriefing is set to false, mobs won't be able to pick up or destroy items (source). Try running the command /gamerule mobGriefing true and see if that does it.
  • If neither of the above are true, it could be a glitch or bug. If it continues occurring, you can report it here.

Sounds like a glitch or the mobgriefing gamerule set to false. The blue wither skull projectiles are suppose to be able to break any blocks besides bedrock or command blocks.

  • Oof. I thought obsidian was supposed to be able to stop it anyway. Jan 30, 2019 at 20:13

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