We export the world from xbox360 (using both Modio and Horizon), when we load it on the PC, it looks like the main xbox map was literally dropped into another PC world--the mountains on this world are half-missing, sheared right through with laser precision. The biomes do not match where the shears occur, i.e. desert biomes immediately next to forest with no blending. One of the structures we built, a sizeable castle, is only about 20% there, the rest "sheared away," covered by ocean. In fact, the bulk of the structures and terraforming are absent, apparently under water, not literally, just replaced by a seed that is heavily ocean/islands. Closer inspection of the regions show that r.0.0.mca was associated with an entirely different world seed. I manually edited the seed back to the proper one, but our structures are still missing in game. Looking at the map with UME (Universal Minecraft Editor) shows that the original map and all the structures are still there, just not accessible in game. I've tried using other tools like MCEdit, MCC Tool Chest and the Minecraft Map Converter, all with no success. Using different versions of Horizon or Modio still yields in the "corrupted" world. R.0.0..mca is the quadrant where the bulk of the structures we built reside. I have moved other worlds over without problems. I have posted for help on PlanetMinecraft, MinecraftForum, and contacted the people at WeMod -- none of which has resulted in any answers. Everyone seems perplexed by this. We have put a LOT of effort, many hours over many months, into the structures of this world and would like to recover them, but they can't be recovered when the software(s) can't see them. Can anyone suggest a solution?

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