I am working on my Destinations Seal to get the Wayfarer title.

I have one Braytech weapon left to collect. This is the Niflheim Frost. In order to obtain it, I must get a Braytech Schematic, which comes from a Sleeper Node, which requires an Override Frequency crafted from Resonant Stems.

I have been farming Resonant Stems and opening Sleeper Nodes for two weeks, and only found one Braytech Schematic.

What are the specific conditions to obtain a Braytech Schematic from a Sleeper Node? Rumours on Reddit are that you have to open a certain number of nodes or that you're limited to one Braytech Schematic a day?

I'd like a definitive answer.


I have done some experiments to speculatively confirm some of the Reddit rumours.

How many Sleeper Nodes do I need to open to get a Braytech Schematic?
Between one and four.

Is the Schematic drop limited to one a day?
In my tests, yes. Once per daily reset. Changing in update on Sept 3rd 2019

Does it matter which nodes I open?

Does having the weapons you already have make a difference?
Not for me. I had three weapons in my inventory (AR, Sidearm & Sniper) and got duplicate assault rifles. You're just getting a Warmind Engram, so it's down to RNG.

You'll want to farm around 12 Resonant Stems per daily reset.

Small sample research data

  • Saturday - Opened three nodes, got a schematic on the third one.
  • Sunday - Opened three nodes, got a schematic on the third one.
  • Monday 1pm - Opened six nodes and did not get a schematic.
  • Monday 6pm (After daily reset) - Opened one node and got a schematic.
  • Tuesday 10pm (After daily and weekly reset) - Opened 4 nodes and got a schematic.
  • Thursday - Opened one node and got a schematic on the first.
  • Friday - Opened three nodes and got a schematic on the third.
  • Monday - Opened one node and got a schematic first time.

I have marked this as accepted, because this evening I got a Niflheim Frost to complete my badge.

Destiny 2 Update

Braytech Schematics
Braytech Schematics are no longer limited to 1 per day, per account
Braytech Schematics have a 25% drop chance when opening any Rasputin Data Cache
The four Braytech weapons offered by Ana Bray, and also tied to the Wayfarer seal, now have a greater chance of granting a weapon you do not currently have.

  • Would this maybe give me a shot at winter wolf? – Chris K Aug 25 '19 at 20:23
  • I've opened over 15 sleeper nodes so far and not a single schematic has dropped. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. The sleeper nodes are the same thing as rasputin data caches, right? – Seth Nov 16 '19 at 6:04

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