What is the meaning of these orange rectangles on the map? screenshot showing the orange rectangles in question

When I meet another player in the open world I see this number on him/her. I also have this symbol and number shown in my character selection, what is the meaning? screenshot showing another player's number screenshot showing the number in my character selection

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The Division: screenshot showing three mission markers paired with small orange rectangles

These orange rectangles are markers.
They are always on the icon's side that's opposite of the player's location, and on the (up to) four icons of points of interest closest to the player.
You can select, or switch, those nodes by pressing the corresponding keys (, , and , for the ones in this particular image).

See also this picture:

The Division: screenshot of map, showing four icons with the rectangles, and the corresponding usage in the legend

The Division: screenshot showing an orange icon (a dot between two bent brackets) and a score

This symbol and its number indicate the commendation level of a player.
This level can be increased by receiving commendations. Here is a good overview of how to get some of them.

NB the first question actually already got an answer here

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