Whenever I try to make an iron chicken (using a flint and a bone white one), it gives me a flint chicken instead of the iron one that I want. There are pictures included.enter image description here

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    Roost doesn't give you a guaranteed result. There's only a chance that you'll get the right chicken, so just keep trying. You can just cram a bunch of seeds in the feed slot and come back later. – Jochem Feb 2 at 19:36
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    I don't know this mod at all, but have my upvote, because modded questions always get one or two downvotes. ;) And this seems to actually be a legitimate, on-topic question. – Fabian Röling Feb 2 at 20:09
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    And it has a picture! – Joachim Feb 2 at 21:05
  • Are these both 0/0/0 flint and bone chickens? – aytimothy Mar 10 at 7:23

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