I found a map that I would like to download but idk how to change it from a .zip file to a .mcworld file! Help!


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Just change the extension from .zip to .mcworld. See here and here.

A description of the file type can be found here:

A MCWORLD file contains files that make up a world in Minecraft, a popular block-building game. It stores multiple files, such as .DAT and .TXT files compressed with ZIP compression. MCWORLD files are typically used to backup a world or transfer a world to another Minecraft user.


Here is your Mcworld https://is.gd/if9dEv. If you wonder how I did it, I went on a different file opener(like google drive or Dropbox). Then you delete the .zip and rename it .mcworld. It does not work in the built in files app

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    Sep 12, 2020 at 9:25

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