I'm trying to make a shop in Minecraft and I have the scoreboard and sell commands down but I cant get my buy option to work.

I tried using /testfor @p[score_Coin_min=2] to activate the blocks behind the first command block but I keep getting a syntax error unexpected "score".

I've tried using different variations but I can't seem to figure it out. I can just forget about that one command but it lets people buy whatever they want which results in a negative score.


The correct syntax for score selectors is /testfor (player)[scores={objective=number}]. However that command only selects one number. To select a minimum number you need to use a scoreboard test.


/scoreboard players test @p Coin 2
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  • You can select a range of numbers in target selectors, for example, 0..10 selects players with a score between 0 and 10 inclusive. When using fake players, however, the second option is better. – ExpertCoder14 Jul 2 at 1:37

To use selectors for scores, just use /testfor @p[scores={SCOREBOARDOBJECTIVEHERE = AMMOUNT}]

in your case, it may be:

/testfor @p[scores={Coin=..2}]

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