Spoilers ahead

I'm after the Holy Grail and 'Good ending' cutscenes and now I'm having a hard time.

The Depths of mementos has pretty much sucked me dry of SP Recovery items, and that makes the climb that comes after pretty hard. My way of playing seems to need a lot of healing, and my build makes Morgana and Makoto my only good healers.

Late in the climb, I'm starting to be pretty low in SP, and I just game over'ed at what I think was the last regular ennemy before the final boss.

I'm now back down at the start of that climb. I have a lot of money from the Depths of Mementos, but can't seem to spend it somewhere to buy, let's say, some SP recovery items (or even some better equipement, that could help too.)

So is there a way to shop for items after you started the Depths of Mementos, or will I have to just play as conservative as possible?


As far as I could see, there is no way to go out and buy items after you started the Depths of Mementos.

But, when you are starting the Final Palace, there is the girl in blue next to the velvet room door that can give you a full HP/SP Heal anytime you want.

You can also teleport from the door to the final boss back to the start of the Final Palace, where you can do the full heal before starting the final boss.

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