Is it percentage damage reduction? Life points, similar to body armor?

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They essentially reduce bonus headshot damage, with higher tiers having more of a reduction.

White: 30% Reduction

Blue: 40% Reduction

Purple/Gold: 50% Reduction

They also do no break like shields from armour does.

Source: Chad Armstrong, Designer at Respawn

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    It's worth noting that Legendary (Gold) gear has the same effects as Epic (Purple) plus a bonus effect. The Gold helmet charges your tactical (Q) and ultimate (Z) abilities faster than normal.
    – GnomeSlice
    Commented Feb 11, 2019 at 18:45
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    @Buns Glazing Absolutely, this should be added into the answer to make it more complete.
    – Sharlike
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There is a new answer recently. Reddit user “TheChessur” worked out that actually the damage reduction applies to total damage; and the reductions themselves are much smaller than expected, at 10%/20%/25%.

  • A headshot with a Wingman would deal 45 body shot damage, plus 45 bonus headshot damage, for a total of 90.
  • If you headshot an enemy with a White Helmet, the game’s description would have you believe you deal 45 + (0.7*45) = 77 damage.
  • But in fact, the headshot deals (0.9*90) = 81 damage.


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