My current Fallout 76 character is specialised in semi-automatic rifles with stealth damage (Marksmen + Sandman). Which is great for general gameplay but is completely overwhelmed for multiple Scorchbeasts & the Scorchbeast Queen.

For DPS spamming I've been using an auto grenade launcher (with Demolition Expert V) but the ammo is quite "expensive" with 3 x springs per 9 x 40mm grenade (with the Ammosmith II perk). Springs are difficult to scavenge in large numbers & expensive to buy at 151 caps x 20 springs.

So I've been going through the wiki weapons table trying to work out a better loadout for fighting Scorchbeast & can't find anything better than the auto grenade launcher.

However, if feels like I'm missing something obvious (more/ different Perks? easy source of springs?) & was wondering if anyone has crunched the numbers properly to identify the optimal weapon + perk combo for maximum DPS, hopefully with cheap/ plentiful ammo.

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