I had an old 1.12 car custom command and moved to 1 .13 and tried to break the car. Now tires and headlights are stuck, what can i do?enter image description here

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    Commands don't update properly from 1.12 to 1.13, you have to adapt them to the new syntax yourself. I recommend not upgrading worlds that rely heavily on command blocks or functions. – Fabian Röling Feb 11 at 7:56

The wheel is probably an armor stand. To get rid of it you can use this command:

/kill @e[type=armor_stand,distance=..5]
  • The /kill command kills specified entities
  • @e means to target all entities
  • type=armor_stand means to only target armor stands
  • distance=..5 means to only target entities within a block radius of 5 or under.

If it isn't an armor stand, you can find out what entity it is by going into spectator mode.

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