I always tought that the game 'Champion' announced before the drop was the player with the highest KD, or the highest level player that was put in the game with you.

But yesterday I got a guy that was the champion, was level like 4 with 2 kills. So I'm now wondering: Is there any logic for the game champion? Or does it take a random player and makes him the marked man for the game?


It is not random.

I have been champion only once and it was following being the "Champion" from the previous round, which meant getting the most kills, dealing the final blow, and being in the final squad.

I believe the marked champion is the player in the round who went the farthest in the previous round, generally from 60 players there is one who was the actual "Champion" (it announces that for you if you win). I am not sure what metric is used for tie breaking.

As for the kills, or the level, that is just on the banner, and is specific to that legend. So, if I have 1000 kills with Lifeline, but switch to using Bloodhound who I have only had 10 kills with, it will only show the kills I earned with Bloodhound (10). The level is always the same, but the display may change from banner to banner.

  • This can't be 100% right, unless its been changed with the most recent update. As already commented Then again, yesterday I was champ, failed horribly next game (died after 2-3 min) and was again champ in the game after – XtremeBaumer Feb 22 at 7:04
  • @XtremeBaumer - At the time I was level 6 having only 14 total kills (6 of them coming from that match). Perhaps it is the past two matches? Also, it is possible that that user's squad performed better once they left? Unsure. I agree that it is not 100% right though, this is only a surmisal of what I believe the marked champion is. – Travis J Feb 22 at 19:40
  • Also yesterday I got a champion that was a level 1 account. So my best guess would be a weighted random. – Fredy31 Feb 25 at 16:03
  • @Fredy31 - I highly doubt that it is weighted random. It literally says "Top ranked last match" above the Champion. Their first match team must have been the last one standing while the lower level player did not achieve victory themselves enough to level. – Travis J Feb 25 at 16:14
  • I don't remember how much XP I needed to level up, but my first game was something very basic like 2 kills ranked something like 11 and I leveled. Put into that that it seems that XP is heavily weighted towards survival time and he should have leveled up. I should have taken a screenshot but I didnt. – Fredy31 Feb 25 at 19:56

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