I always tought that the game 'Champion' announced before the drop was the player with the highest KD, or the highest level player that was put in the game with you.

But yesterday I got a guy that was the champion, was level like 4 with 2 kills. So I'm now wondering: Is there any logic for the game champion? Or does it take a random player and makes him the marked man for the game?

  • I'm not sure about the logic, but FWIW the kill count you see on the player's banner is just their kill count for that legend. If they played a different legend in the previous game, none of the stats you see (except for account level) may tell you anything. – Badeline Feb 11 at 22:32
  • It seems to be whatever player in your current lobby that had the highest "rank" (finish?) in the last game. I was the champion after a game where I came in 2nd place with 6 kills. Which I assume meant no one in my current game won their last game which would've placed them higher than me. – VanBuzzKill Feb 12 at 4:20
  • Hard to tell so far. I had several games in which I finished first and was not the champ in my next game. Then again, yesterday I was champ, failed horribly next game (died after 2-3 min) and was again champ in the game after. I would believe its a form of overall stats (rankings, KD, etc.) – XtremeBaumer Feb 12 at 7:17
  • It has to do with the damage done and kills that player had the previous round. They will be considered the champion of your current round if no one else out performed them on those criteria or there is simply not another champion in the lobby. As previously stated, The kills only represent their performance with the legend they chose for the current round, not the one from the previous. – gavsta707 2 days ago

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