I downloaded Overwatch on my PS4 during the last Free Weekend, and the game itself has not been moved or deleted.

Now that I have the Origins Edition on a Blu Ray, what is going to happen with the existing data? Specifically:

  • Are the existing updates valid for the disc? Or I have to download the 20 GB update again? (I remember that some PS3 games had different updates and savedata for Digital and Physical copies)
  • Is the game still launched from the disc?
  • Is there any real difference between both copies/installs?

Digital and Disc are two different versions. Save data work if you have the same region between digital and copy disc. Also, you can have 1 version of the game installed (digital OR disc copy).

From my experience, you will need to reinstall and download the data.

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    Bear in mind, "save data" for Overwatch is really only settings as your game inventory (skins, etc...) are stored on Blizzard's servers. – Powerlord Feb 14 '19 at 2:22
  • you are correct(my mistake not mention it). Everything is server side your personal settings etc and when you switch you just get those config's local. – dbexec Feb 14 '19 at 17:31

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