I want to get a bow with a top-level Power enchantment. A command similar to this worked before:

/give @p minecraft:bow{ench:[{id:48,lvl:32767}]}

...But not in 1.13. Changing the ID to power didn't work either:

/give @p minecraft:bow{ench:[{id:power,lvl:32767}]}

It just gave an ordinary, unenchanted bow. Quotes didn't change anything either:

/give @p minecraft:bow{ench:[{id:"power",lvl:32767}]}

I don't know what to do with the command format being changed in 1.13. Does anyone know how to fix the ench NBT tag?


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According to the wiki, you'll want to use the NBT tag Enchantments instead of ench. (You'll also want to change the ID, e.g. to power like you did, according to this chart.) So, while I haven't tested it, this command should work:

/give @p minecraft:bow{Enchantments:[{id:power,lvl:32767}]}

(You may need to specify it as id:"minecraft:power", but I don't think this is necessary.)


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