I've played Civ 5, with and without DLCs for over 15,000 hours, and have never had a problem founding a religion. Am trying three DLC options, for the first time: Zootopia civilization (my civ); Dalek civilization (computer); Cybermen civilization (computer).

On turn 20, found enough faith in a ruin to get a pantheon. I also built Stonehenge. So I know the computer sides haven't founded all the available religions.

I just got a great prophet, and the DLC has the same odd quirk for all units, saying it's earned a promotion. No button available for using the prophet to found a religion.

I'm hoping someone has found a hotkey or keyboard combo that commits the prophet to founding a religion.

Oh, and yes, the prophet is in my one city.

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    There is no "Zootopia", "Dalek", or "Cybermen" DLC for Civ 5. Are you sure you're not talking about mods instead? – Nolonar Feb 23 at 2:39
  • Found a work-around. Saved, exited to main menu, reloaded saved game, and the "Found Religion" button was there, for the great prophet. And yes, they're mods. I thought of them as also DLC, because they are downloadable content (only from the community). – Bill Lemmond Feb 23 at 2:42

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