In Stellaris, specifically version 2.2 Le Guin, is a nearby starbase's Protection value enough to prevent ill effects from Piracy, or is there a benefit to assigning ships to provide Piracy Suppression as well?

Take this system for instance: In-game screenshot showing Piracy, Piracy Suppression, and Protection

This system isn't being patrolled by any fleets, and no fleets are nearby, so it doesn't have any Piracy Suppression. As a result its Piracy is slowly building up.

But because it's right next door to a fortified border post, this system has a huge amount of Protection - easily enough to dwarf the listed "Max Piracy", and in fact more than the actual value of the trade route. If I understand correctly, that means its full Trade Value will be delivered no matter how much Piracy is allowed to build.

My question is, what do I stand to lose (in terms of events or other effects) from not assigning a fleet to patrol this system?


You're perfectly fine. Patrols and star bases are equal in terms of piracy suppression. Piracy effects are 0.


Stations provide adequate protection, but only up to a certain level. Once the trade flow surpasses the current protection ceiling you will get piracy in that system and will need to either add more protection from stations or a patrol.

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