I am LVL 52 in horizon, i have all cauldrons, tallnecks, side quests, errands, tutorials, metal flowers, bunok figures, corrupted zones, bandit camps, and all blazing sun's in all hunting trails but I still need 15 skill points. Currently on the loaming shadow, where I must rest before the battle. Am I missing something? I should have them all before I finish the game, right?

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Since you are level 52, I can safely assume you have the Frozen Wilds Expansion.

Let's break down which skill points you can obtain. Reddit has a very nice breakdown. With the Frozen Wilds Expansion, there are a total of 101 skill points available

  • 17 skill points can be obtained by story quests
  • 4 skill points can be obtained by side quests
  • 20 skill points can be obtained by activities
  • 60 skill points can be obtained by levels

Unclaimed Skill Points

  • You are level 52, meaning you have a total of 8 more skill points you can acquire by levels. This leaves only 7 unaccounted for.

  • Since you are on a The Looming Shadow, you are missing the skill point you get for finishing the final quest. This leaves 6 unaccounted for.

  • You didn't list out finding all Vantage Points. According to reddit, you get 1 skill point per set. It's been a while since I've played Horizon Zero Dawn, but if this is accurate, you can get 3 skill points from this. This leaves 3 unaccounted for.

  • If you have covered all the basis from above and you are still short skill points, you can always grind the final mission until you have unlocked all the skills.

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