In the recent Season 8 update, the ability to place markers on items, such as guns, meds, etc... has been added. I have tried to use this feature, but I cannot seem to find out how to use it. You cannot access this through the map, as it will just mark a location, and I do not know how to set markers without going to the map. Does anyone know how to access this feature for console players?

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If you have not changed your settings then it should be left on the d-pad.

There are many applications of this functionality:

  • When aiming to place a marker on an enemy.
  • While looking at guns/loot to place a marker on them.
  • While looking at a place to place a marker on the location.

Placing a marker in the sky will cancel an existing location marker.


R1 and L1 should by default set/remove markers. If you are using custom bind and your R1 and L1 have assigned other functions you will not be able to use markers quickly.

  • Can you answer how to do this for PC players too? I know its out of scope of the question, but I think it silly to create another question for it.
    – Kyle Rone
    Mar 4, 2019 at 16:23

It's LB and RB for removing and setting a marker on your minimap pressing left on your D-Pad while looking at an item/weapon will mark the weapon. Looking in a general direction will set a normal marker that only people in your party can see. Looking in a general direction and pressing Left on your D-Pad twice will set a marker titled 'DANGER' this marker will be red and will also only be visible to players in your party. The last one can be used to mark enemy sightings and bases.

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