I'm practicing my parrying and notice, in PvP, that it's harder to parry the heavier weapons when wielded in two hands. Especially Ultra Greatswords and Maces I haven't yet been able to parry in PvP. Maybe I need to continue working on my timing, but it made me wonder:

Dark Souls 3 PvP: Is it possible to parry all melee attacks?

If not, which are the known melee weapons (or ways of attacking) that inhibit the opponent's option to parry?

  • Whips cannot be parried.
  • Jumping attacks from all weapons cannot be parried.
  • Certain weapon skills cannot be parried. Generally, if it doesn't make sense to parry them they can't be (for example, Stomp).
  • Two-handed great hammers, greataxes, ultra greatswords and curved greatsword generally cannot be parried.

This reddit post has a full list if you want to know specific skills and weapons.

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