When in a vehicle, there are two aiming options - aim, and aim + fire. From testing, it seems like when "aim + fire" is chosen, holding down R1 on my PS4 controller automatically shoots - whereas when just "aim" is selected, both R1 and L1 must be used to shoot.

When "aim + fire" is selected, does holding down R1 automatically aim and fire at the closest target? When using "aim" only, when R1 is held do you then have the option of aiming - and if so, how can this be done? I'm totally blind, so haven't had chance to test this with somebody sighted.

Thanks for your help.


There is no autoaim while driving.

Aim and fire: no autoaim

  • R2 is drive
  • L1 is weapon aim (white dot)
  • right stick steers weapon
  • R1 shoots weapon
  • left stick steers car

Just Fire (same as PS3):no autoaim.

L1 is both aim and shoot.

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