When in a vehicle, there are two aiming options - aim, and aim + fire. From testing, it seems like when "aim + fire" is chosen, holding down R1 on my PS4 controller automatically shoots - whereas when just "aim" is selected, both R1 and L1 must be used to shoot.

When "aim + fire" is selected, does holding down R1 automatically aim and fire at the closest target? When using "aim" only, when R1 is held do you then have the option of aiming - and if so, how can this be done? I'm totally blind, so haven't had chance to test this with somebody sighted.

Thanks for your help.


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There is no autoaim while driving.

Aim and fire: no autoaim

  • R2 is drive
  • L1 is weapon aim (white dot)
  • right stick steers weapon
  • R1 shoots weapon
  • left stick steers car

Just Fire (same as PS3):no autoaim.

L1 is both aim and shoot.

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