There's a fishing reward at a certain quest I complete. What if I get a lot of those fishing quest items and created a lot of accounts, I then gave them one by one with each character. Do I still get those rewards like the golden fishing rod after a a certain amount of fishing quest item I gave the angler(NPC) ?

  • Is there anything to let you believe you wouldn't? I've never ran into an untradeable item in Terraria.. plus, rewards are random. It's not like you have to complete 100 questions for that special today or item – Gnemlock Mar 17 at 9:56
  • @Gnemlock they're not uniformly random. You get better rewards the more quests that character has completed. – OrangeDog Mar 19 at 22:47
  • @OrangeDog, being "not uniformly random" still quantifies something as being "random". Chances of functionality increase, but there's still no guarantee of the item you will or will not get, apart from the 30th reward – Gnemlock Mar 20 at 3:37

The Angler rewards based on number of quests completed has nothing to do with the items a player has. It's actually part of the character's data. So when you have something like the Golden Fishing Rod that is given out after the 30th completed quest, it is given out after that character completes 30 quests. Regardless of items they possess or the world they are completed in.

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