I currently have my ps3 slim connected to my chromebook. I'm wondering if it will work, thanks.

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    It's unclear what you're trying to accomplish... Connected to your Chromebook for what purpose? Are you trying to use the Chromebooks screen? – Broots Waymb Mar 20 at 12:33
  • Agree with Broots, please clarify exactly what "working" means in this context. Even if it won't "work" we may be able to offer alternate solutions that will. Also, if you currently have the two connected... is it "working?" If there's a specific roadblock or error message, tell us as that may shed some light on the issue. – Steve-O Mar 20 at 13:38


Most video ports (HDMI included) are usually not bidirectional. The HDMI port on a Chromebook and a PS3 are both OUT, and will not accept incoming video/audio signals.

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