When a Skirmish match ends in Killzone 2, stats are shown. I’m pretty sure I know what most of the icons mean, but what do the 2 with ??? mean?

And why does Tremethick have -1 for one of his stats?

Scoreboard with all the icons


The pentagon is objective points. In Body Count it's points for kills, in Assassination it's for killing the target or surviving as the target, Capture and Hold it's for killing people in the capture zones, etc.

The slashed O means penalty points (team kills + suicides)

  • I discovered that I cannot kill a teammate, even when they are Mortally Wounded. I tried shotguns to the face, grenade launchers at point blank, emptying a whole clip point blank, not possible. – Thom Blair III Mar 20 at 20:35
  • What is the difference between Objective Points and Mission Points? I asked thta question here (gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/347995/…) if you want to answer it. 😀 – Thom Blair III Mar 21 at 2:13
  • Did a small update as suicides also count in penalty points. Team kills are activated and deactivated based on multiple things - More discussion here gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/928377-killzone-2/48459140 – Softability Mar 21 at 12:06
  • answered you other question where each column is described. Good Luck! – Softability Mar 21 at 12:14

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