I have a bad computer but I want to play Apex. I tried putting "-dxlevel 10" in the launch properties box, but it didn't start. It's a Source Engine game, so shouldn't it use the same Source commands? Is there a way to make this work or is it a lost cause?


I have tried running Directx11 games on my Directx10 PC. I had the GPU - Zotac Geforce 210. To run Directx11 games on directx10 gpus you need to emulate Directx11 using dxcpl.

I have used it to run The Walking dead season 3. But it lagged like hell(given that i had 2 gb ram). dxcpl is unsuccesful in running Unreal Engine games.

Here is a link to dxcpl - dxcpl

Here is a tutorial on how to use it - Video

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    The question is whether it would work for Apex Legends? – Joachim Dec 10 '19 at 16:43
  • I would suggest you link to the DirectX SDK. The path to dxcpl.exe is mentioned on the page. – DrFish Jan 10 at 7:59

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