I've been looking all over youtube, I know how to make a 2 by 1 vertical door at this point, but for this build I'd like to have 2 iron bars be the door but when it opens for the bottom block of the door be replaced to a stone block.

I feel like ive seen this technique of replacing the blocks using pistons before but i couldn't find anything online(maybe i just don't know what to look up honestly)

I'm gonna attach some images that will better explain what i'm trying to do. Closed Open wiattd

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    This would be an extremely complex build and I'm not 100% sure it's possible, but if it is possible it's definitely been done, so I'll poke around for a design. – Unionhawk Mar 21 at 17:45
  • Probably searching for something like "flush 1x2 glass door" could find something. Or variations of that. – Fabian Röling Mar 21 at 18:53
  • Does it have to be contained entirely below the doors "ground level" or can there be parts of the mechanism on either side/top (ie: does it have to work exactly with your example or can it be modified if it is wider? – Malco Mar 21 at 19:07
  • Mumbo Jumbo loves these sorts of contraptions. Try searching "hidden crafting blocks" from him. You'll see the sorts of mechanisms he uses to replace a block with another one. – L_Church Mar 22 at 9:23
  • There are many tutorials in which they show how to build a 1x2 flush piston door, but it takes the blocks to the side instead of underground. If that is okay with you, then the mechanism is quite simple – StrangeSorcerer Mar 31 at 6:54

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