I cant find a mimic in terria for the life of me could some one help me I only have adamite gear. I also am on Xbox 360


First, go to the underworld, cling on to the ceiling while scanning for pearlstone; a pink stone resembling ebonstone or crimstone. Then, you must build a platform close to the surface out of full blocks. After that, build a mini arena near the full block platform. Eventually, a mimic will spawn on the full block platform and you should be able to kill it with a repeater and a good stack of hellfire arrows. And then you have a chance of getting the thing you want (which if I had to guess is the Daedulus Stormbow). This is for the hallowed mimic, for the others just do the same with the biomes changed.

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I play on PC, I used to play on the Wii U 2016-2019+

The Mimics are spawned in the cavern of any underground biome you have the right armour for this fake chest monster. They are like slimes because they jump rapidly towards you. What I recommend is to stay away from it and shoot a ranged weapon because they are very strong.

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