enter image description here Please help. Im watching videos and they have 3 blinking lights, i have 4. Its an original xbox 360.

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    the redlights normally mean a hardware failure. I highly recommend contacting Microsoft directly. Support for 360 may be ended, as in Red Rings were definitely fixed for free during the 360's lifetime, but it's a better shot than asking here. – Rapitor Mar 24 at 0:42

This is an issue with the AV cable. Basically, the Xbox does not detect an AV input.

You can potentially fix the issue, with one of these solutions

  • Disconnect, then reconnect the AV/HDMI cable.
  • Wipe down the contact area for the input, and if that still does not work, try a different cable.
  • Flush the cache

There is a high potential that this is caused by overheating, which needs to be dealt with, advisedly by a professional, but it can be done yourself.

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