Background : During a game such as Cossacks The art of war or American Conquest which are games from GSC , one player can capture enemy buildings,some of these buildings may catch fire and then explode but others may be kept safe and then reused...

Beside that,I recall having the possibility to capture some enemy villagers and then having the ability to build caserns or houses originally meant to be belonging to the enemy civilization,I mean building church when you are playing as Egyptians or building Russian caserns when you are playing as french.

Now,when it comes to Cossacks 2,during a game in Napoleonic wars,playing as French, I was surprised when I discovered that I captured a Russian villager - then I was able to build russian caserns,town centers,houses...and even creating Russian units (e.g :pioneers) ...

Was this a random bug or a constant feature in all GSC games that can be reproduced ?

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