After the Daybreak DLC, Undead Labs addressed the overpowered Red Talon Recruits by giving them negative traits that match their "profession".

I noticed this only recently because i had always played with my pre-nerf community. I recruited a hacker and she had +1 food consumtion on top of "wastes food sometimes". I got a demolitions expert who had +1 bed consumption and +2 zed threat.

What are all the negative points that the Red Talon recruits now come with?

  1. Hacking
    • +1 Food consumption
  2. Demolition
    • +1 Bed consumption
    • +2 Zed Threat (noise)
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Foraging
  5. Gut Packing
  6. Fortifications
  7. Combat Medicine
    • +50% Fatigue Severity
  8. Mobile Operations
  9. Logistics
  10. Firearms Maintenance

Here is a document which lists possible Red Talon operative traits - both positive and negative. The document also includes the trait's flavortext.

There are 52 traits listed so I won't write all the effects here, but most traits impact shooting skills and ammunition consumption.

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