Does anyone know how to make Minecraft run in full screen mode?

My display is set to 1920 x 1080, and the game was able to run full screen a while ago, but, I forget what the workaround was - any ideas? I haven't updated my graphics drivers in ages, so, it wasn't a driver update that broke things.

Pressing F11 enters "full screen mode" but this only occupies a subset of the window.

I set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 in the launch options, but the window is still 1024 x 768 or something - I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

I've tried:

  • Toggling "Fullscreen" in the Video Settings
  • Setting a resolution of 1920x1080 in the "Full Screen Mode" setting in the Video Settings menu
  • Settting a resolution of 1920 x 1080 in the launch options
  • Disabling Optifine and repeating the above
  • Disabling high DPI optimizations for javaw.exe
  • Pressing F11 to enter full screen with "Fullscreen" set to "On" or "Off"
  • Pressing ALT + Enter

I have Optifine 1.12 installed, but disabling Optifine doesn't fix this.

This worked a few weeks ago, but, like a fool, I do not recall how I managed to get full screen mode to take up the full screen.

enter image description here enter image description here

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    i have the same problem but on windows 8 -_- Commented Apr 6, 2019 at 4:12
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    can i ask what your graphics card is, and if its drivers are updated?
    – xTerrene
    Commented Apr 6, 2019 at 20:58
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    You could try using borderless gaming to make the minecraft window look exactly like fullscreen (only noticable difference would be multi monitor mouse capturing).
    – sh4dow
    Commented Apr 7, 2019 at 14:22
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    have you tried shifting the window around by pressing win key+shift+arrow keys? this sometimes causes windows to resize to the current monitor (even in fullscreen). also, try updating your graphics drivers, updating drivers for intel graphics has so far fixed a lot of my problems that happened out of nowhere, dunno what it is with intel drivers but yeah
    – Aprillomat
    Commented Apr 19, 2019 at 8:14
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    This still could be a problem with the driver because maybe the newer versions of Minecraft do not support that driver version.
    – pine41
    Commented May 22, 2019 at 18:54

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You could try using the maximize button (square, just in case anyone doesn't know what it is,) but I assume you may have tried that. You could drag the window to resize it. If pressing F11 doesn't enter fullscreen, or makes it borderless, perhaps a reinstallation for Java or Minecraft could be done. Considering you've done these, look into Mojang/Minecraft official support. Considering that they made the game, they'd be the most efficient choice of support for your issue at the Minecraft Help Page

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