I am currently having an issue where any online match I try to join in Borderlands Game of the Year times out. It's been a while since I played the series but it happens for every game i have tried to join with no success yet. I am trying to Google and YouTube and only found one relevant piece of info:

I thought maybe it was my own personal issue but I was curious if anyone knows of this. I tried finding a way to contact Gearbox to no avail. Any other online service I am using on LAN is working fine. My Upload/Download looks good on Speedtest with only a 40ms ping. Thoughts on what might be occurring or any relevant info would be appreciated.

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Gearbox's forum is flooded with connectivity issues. I was able to find two remedies that you could try.

  • Create a game, set it to offline and then set it to public or toggle the privacy settings for private games.
  • Port-forwarding/opening. Many players were able to connect successfully by opening/forwarding the following two ports to their PS4:
    • 2900
    • 7777

You can also read through this thread on Gearbox's forums.

  • Thank you. I felt stupid not being able to fund their forums anywhere or any kind if support. All I found was there ZenDesk. Apr 8, 2019 at 15:25

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