I don't want this featured server to be shown as i think its distracting my kids from playing with me in our server to achieve the main goal from minecraft which is use your brain to build something smart.

I don't see this mini games are useful anymore its wasting time and they are aiming away from the original minecraft purpose.

Update My reasons : Currently i'm playing with my kids and friends minecraft and i want them to be pro in building things mechanics and beautiful things but after sometime they get bored and go to play mini games throw eggs and that waste of time ..

my only solution is to stick with java edition ( but there is no tablet or mobile option here )

enter image description here

  • There was an app called "Boardwalk" once, which worked for Minecraft 1.8 at least. Maybe you can still get it from somewhere. – Fabian Röling Apr 13 at 11:27

I'm pretty sure you cant.

I double checked because I was pretty sure that you couldn't remove featured servers, and I was right. You can check on Google.

Other than that, you can add screen time to the iPhone/Samsung/Android/Laptop/iPad. If you don't have an option for screen time, then just limit their time on the devices they have Minecraft on.

For example, if you had a kid that loved playing Minecraft servers but there were public servers with cyber-bullies, just watch a video or read a newspaper and keep an eye on your child. This won't work 100%, but this is a tactic you can use.

You can also give them the device they play Minecraft on when they finish dinner or do chores or something that contributes.


  • thanks for your answer , i will update my question for my reasons to do that .. appreciate your effort – Ahmed Younes Apr 13 at 10:49
  • There is another solution, though. It might not be effective. You can just download a rip-off of a minecraft game, since they don't have featured servers (most of them) and it's only creative/survival. – Whitcheef Apr 26 at 7:21

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