I'm trying to make a command that executes at a firework_rocket entity with specific nbt (In this case explosion colours), and runs a certain command whenever such a firework is present, however, nothing happens.

Here is the /execute command in question

execute at @e[type=firework_rocket,nbt={FireworksItem:{id:firework_rocket,Count:1,tag:{Fireworks:{Explosions:[{Colors:[I;11743532,3887386]}]}}}}] run say doot

If this worked, it should react by saying doot constantly every time any single firework rocket with a matching explosion was flying. It doesn't.

The nbt should be identical to the one summoned with this command (I checked)

/summon firework_rocket ~ ~1 ~ {FireworksItem:{id:firework_rocket,Count:1,tag:{Fireworks:{Explosions:[{Colors:[I;11743532,3887386]}]}}}}

And it should also react whenever a player used the rocket given as an item with this command

/give @p firework_rocket{Fireworks:{Explosions:[{Colors:[I;11743532,3887386]}]}} 1

Not a single of these commands works, and I checked that the nbt is identical for each of them, yet nothing happens. I'm absolutely clueless, any ideas?


You need to match the formats exactly, for example 1b instead of 1. You can check the NBT with data get.

  • Oooh, thanks a lot! I simply need to change it to id:"minecraft:firework_rocket" instead of just id:firework_rocket and it worked! Thanks! – Bryuf Apr 19 at 13:11

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