I tried using /kill @e[type=item_frame]. However, it kills every item frame. So my question is, how can I kill only one item frame?


You can add a scoreboard tag to the item frame when you spawn it in, so your kill function looks like this:

kill @e[type=item_frame,tag=killable]

with killable being the tag. If a player is running the command/you aren't spawning it in you can kill one within a certain radius:

kill @e[type=item_frame,distance=..1]

which will kill any item frames within one block.

Edit: I saw your other question and here's the summon command you would use:

summon minecraft:item_frame -1242 58 219 {Facing:2,Tags["killable"]}

Edit 2: I just remembered that a tag is not unique: if you have multiple entities tagged as 'killable' it will kill all of them. Instead, use a customName:

summon minecraft:item_frame -1242 58 219 {Facing:2,CustomName:"killableFrame"}

kill @e[name=killableFrame]

  • Thanks Nik3141 but there is a problem if i summon an item frame using the command /summon minecraft:item_frame -1242 58 219 {Facing:2,CustomName:"killableFrame"} when i do : kill @e[name=killableFrame] it says: any entity found – Anthony Guastella Apr 19 at 19:36
  • I've never heard of 'any entity found' so you should un-accept my answer so other people will come to see if they can answer it. Sorry. – Nik3141 Apr 19 at 19:45

You can get right in front of the item frame, type /kill and press space then press tab. You should see the item frame's uuid pop up. Then execute the command. The item frame will disappear and a message will say "Killed Item Frame".

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