Recently, I have been attempting to stretch my resolution on Fortnite Battle Royale, but I do not seem able to do it. I know it is in the settings somewhere, and I have tried to look for it. Does anybody know where the setting is, and how to get to it?

  • How do you "know it is in the settings somewhere"? – Wrigglenite Apr 20 at 16:44
  • Because I have looked in the Fortnite settings in game, and it is not there. Also, people have told me that it is in settings, and I tried to follow a prompt to stretch my res, and it told me to go to settings. ( It did not work ) – Ginge Apr 20 at 16:46
  • Could you also clarify what you mean by "stretch my resolution"? Do you mean field of view, your TV's resolution, force a specific aspect ratio, etc.? – Slurpee Apr 21 at 23:10
  • Why would you want to right now? The stretched resolution is terrible nowadays and you can't play any competitive. – Not Sp33dy Apr 25 at 21:17
  • How is it terrible if almost every streamer uses it. – Ginge Apr 26 at 1:52

Open the Xbox Guide, go to Settings Under Display and Sound, select Video Output, then select whatever display and resolution you want.

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