I'm trying to create an item that can break certain blocks, but also has a colored name in 1.13.2

Here's the command I'm using.

/give iAugust minecraft:shears{display:{Name:"[{\"text\":\"Arcane Shears\",\"color\":\"aqua\",\"italic\":false,\"bold\":false}]CanDestroy:[minecraft:iron_bars]"}}

But it only has a colored name, and it can't break specific blocks.

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    Possible duplicate of How to combine NBT tags in two different commands? – pppery May 19 at 3:50
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    @pppery That duplicate target is a few months newer than this question. We do not normally close newer questions as duplicates of older ones, and this certainly wouldn't warrant an exception. If you believe these questions are duplicates, then please cast your votes on the newer question. If you believe it's a candidate for a merge, then please flag it for moderator attention. – Wipqozn May 20 at 12:15
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    @Wipqozn I strongly disagree. We've previously established in meta (granted, it's very old) that age doesn't trump quality. The other question is both more general (and thus easier to find), and also has a much higher quality answer. – Schism May 21 at 4:14
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Assuming the map is in adventure mode, all you need to do is put the minecraft:iron_bars in quotation marks (" ") and it should work.

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Go to MCStacker for the mining of a certain type of block but just do /give @p diamond_sword{display:{Name'{"text":"UltraBlade", "color":"light_blue"} for the colors.

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Here's a useful tip when writing coloured writing in Minecraft, use "§" followed by a number.

For example: §1 §2 §3 §4 §5 §6 §7 §8 §9 §0

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