I'm planning a massive floating base and trying to figure out the dimensions to make it so that a six beaconed pyramid covers the entire base. Does anyone happen to know the range of a four layered pyramid with six beacons on it?

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    The "beacon" page of the Minecraft wiki has a paragraph titled "range". It's not really hard to find. – Fabian Röling Apr 23 '19 at 5:27

The range of the maxed out beacon is 50 blocks, as said here on the wiki\ but the range of 6 beacons depends on your arrangement. If you have your beacons in a 2*3 rectangle on the pyramid (cheapest), the range would be 102*103 respectively, but you could use multiple effects that would all be present in 98*96 respectively. For a 1*6 orientation, it would be 101*106 respectively and for all, it would be 101*90 respectively.

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